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Terms and conditions of use and copyright
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Privacy Statement
The Privacy Statement applies, which can be found at https://beethovenphilharmonie.at/impressum/ and which was accepted by the customer at the time of booking by setting a separate check mark.

Booking of the subscription series or of single concert tickets are compulsory.
After submitting of the order on our website you will receive a booking confirmation and an invoice. The payment of the invoice occurs with the medium of exchange you chose. The delivery of your tickets occurs with the delivery option you chose.

Tickets for children, pupils and students
Minors and students up to 27 years get tickets with a 50 % discount. Please consider that discounted tickets are only valid with personal presentation of a photo ID (no copies).

The cancellation of tickets for the concerts of he Beethoven Philharmonie is explicitly excluded.

Return of tickets
A refund for tickets which were not used or just partly used (e. g. being too late for the concert) or for lost tickets cannot be granted.

Duplicated tickets
If you lost your tickets, it’s possible to receive duplicated tickets at the Ticket Service at the Casino. Please bring the confirmation of purchase to receive the duplicated tickets. If the original tickets were shown at the concert, the duplicated tickets lose their validity.

Changes of cast, date and/or program
Performances are subject to changes of cast, date and/or programme and such changes shall not create an entitlement to return tickets of admission.

House rules
With the purchase you accept the house rules of the respective venue. The organiser reserves the right to refuse the admission due important resons. Audio and video recordings and the use of mobiles are strictly prohibited during the performance. Coats, jackets, umbrellas, backpacks etc. have to be left at the wardrobe. It’s prohibited to bring any animals, except for official guide dogs.